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Our adventure continues over at Bella Grace Home.  Won’t you join us?

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Scratch That…I Am on Facebook

Scratch that…I am on Facebook.  But this go around it will be a more simplified use.  To connect, to post, to share…

You can “friend” me here.

We’re Not on Facebook, but We are Alive

Well, we’re not on Facebook anymore (and haven’t been for over a month now, I believe) but we are alive!  So many sweet friends and family have asked us about falling off the face of the earth (or at least off the face of facebook…hahaha, Aunt Carole!). For us personally, it was just keeping us distracted from life that was going on around us.  I decided to take a break from it, and a little while later decided to just nix the entire account.  All that to say, I will make more of an effort to keep our family blog up to date so you can still get your Poppy fix when you need it.  And if you need to reach us, my email is poppyjennifer(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Now that that long and tedious portion of this post is out of the way, we can move onto more interesting topics like the Fourth of July.

Happy Independence Day!

We spent the day as a family at our local swimming pool (after a nice, boring morning of completing chores around the house).  Gabriel has been a huge fan of the baby pool, so most of my time is spent watching him scoot around in it or float in his penguin tube in it.  We make all kinds of friends over there, which is fun, too.  A few weeks ago a little girl was so attached to me there, and talking 90 miles a minute to me that people thought she was mine.  And she made sure that we were invited to come to the pool on her birthday so we could wish her a happy birthday.  Very thoughtful, very thoughtful.  Bryan and Greg spend most of there time in the “big” pool doing stuff like water basketball and going down the slide. 

That night we went to Waco with some close friends, so we could watch the fireworks display at the Brazos River.

Happy Independence Day!

See how happy the kids were before we went into the carnival area?  Well, that didn’t last long.  The bounce house was on there agenda, but unlike most community gatherings, these were ridiculously priced and we weren’t able to go in them.  In fact, hardly anyone used them because they were so expensive. But let’s fast-forward to another happy time for them:  the fireworks display…

Bryan loved them, but didn’t love the noise they made too much.  He sat like that for the entire 30 minute show!

Gabriel enjoyed them too (at first)

but then…

He got a bit scared and wanted to crawl into Daddy’s arms.

Well, that’s the snapshot of our holiday celebration…tomorrow (Lord-willing) I’ll share about Gabe’s adventures in swim lessons!

Here and There

So, I’ve nearly hit the two-month mark for not posting a single word on the blog.  Yay! (insert sarcastic tone)

I’m going to do bullet points because we spent the better part of this evening at the pool and the crisp 100+ degree weather may have fried a brain cell or two.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I keep catching the tailend of the Bachelorette this season, which is a more reasonable thing to blame on my brain cells decreasing.  Seriously (as our 7 year old Bryan would say).

BULLET POINTS (What a clever title!)

  • Gabriel never ceases to amaze us with his finicky nap schedule and early morning wake-up calls.  I’m guessing we may catch a full night of rest when he turns 15 or graduates high school or something of that nature.
  • Bryan has been busy as a bee at various church day camps (sports & fine arts, as well as a backyard Bible club & VBS).  They’ve been a good outlet for him, as he loves, loves, loves to hang out with many kiddos.
  • I was going to homeschool but right now it’s up in the air because in the words of our social bug, “I want to play with like 11 or 1000 kids every day.”  He’s still enrolled at our local public school…and I still have the homeschool curriculum.  We may end up just supplementing & tag-teaming with some other like-minded parents to give our kids more opportunity to learn.
  • Greg & I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Austin while the boys stayed with my dad & stepmom.  We were grateful for the chance to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary (it was April 26th) and the boys had a blast playing with my little sisters.
  • Sixth Street in Austin is not for us.  However, walking around the State Capitol & looking at historical buildings late at night is pretty cool for us.  Note to self:  find a classy jazz place or salsa dancing prior to going out.
  • Doing laundry isn’t fun.  I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you that, but there it is.
  • Bryan LOVES to read.  The other day he brought home a free book from VBS.  It was just sitting in a pile at the church.  It’s called, “Love Inspired:  Rocky Mountain Legacy.”  We tried telling him that that’s for old ladies to read, but since it was free he just couldn’t pass it up.  That’s how much this kid likes to read.  Awesome.  However, I don’t think that’s the best genre for him, so he won’t be reading that.
  • Gabriel is talking up a storm and continues to count down the days to his birthday.  Every day we are reminded by him that it is “August 2nd.”  He’s started to ask us (and remember!) when our birthdays are.  I can’t believe he’s only two…he’s so tall & mature. There’s a lot more going on…but that’s all I’ve got to share with ya for now…

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m grateful for my mom…she’s been there for me through thick and thin…ready with a listening ear and words of wisdom.  She loves me to the ends of the earth.  And I love her, too!


Keepin’ Austin Weird Part 3 :)

A sweet friend reminded me this morning that I never completed my “Keepin’ Austin Weird” triology, thus this blog post:)

It all began about two or three months ago when my friend Collin had a dream.  She saw herself with our friend Ashley and me, along with all of our kids, on the campus of The Univerisy of Texas.  We were handing out homemade cookies to the students and sharing God’s love with them.  When she woke up from the dream she asked the Lord what He wanted her to do with it.  He gave her the verse John 10:10, which says,

 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” 

Collin had never had a dream like this before, to my knowledge, and felt it was very important that we follow through with going to UT to minister.  Each month the three of us (Collin, Ashley and me) get together with our kids to do something we call “Kids for Christ.”  We teach them a Biblical principal and then we try to do something for someone in the community.  So, for our trip to Austin we each brought treats and had the kids make goodie bags for the students.  Then we did an activity with them that taught them the truth that people are treasures to the Lord.  For an exercise of faith we then did something called “Treasure Hunting.”  This is basically where each person prays and asks the Lord to show them a color, a name, a location, whatever, that points to the people He wants us to talk with that day. 

The next day we all met together at UT and prayed together, passed out the goodie bags, along with the Bible verse and prayed with the people the Lord led us to talk with.  It was a blessing for us and for the kiddos.  Our hope is that loving on others, sharing God’s Word and praying together is such a “normal thing” in their lives that they carry it on for the rest of their lives. 

Here are a few pics from our time at UT:



A Poppy Easter

A new thing for us:  heading to Easter “Sunday” on Saturday night…

Eating yummy Mexican food at our favorite local spot…

Enjoying a slow Sunday morning, worshiping as a family, creating art, talking about Christ’s resurrection, playing guitar, reading, resting, going to a family lunch…

That’s a Poppy Easter, well, at least for this year it is!

What are you doing to celebrate Christ’s resurrection?


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